Women of the World Network is a multicultural community that welcomes all women.


The goal of this group is to strengthen your unique identity and voice, network, grow together, exchange information and offer support, resources, education, and mentorship.


our mission

To connect, support, empower and mentor multicultural women from all walks of life to grow professionally, switch careers, promote a business, and build productive relationships.


join us

Members benefits include online and in-person monthly meetings & events, masterminds, trainings, speaking opportunities, member features, publishing opportunities, etc.

Women of the World Network is a beautiful community that promotes self-growth and development in all aspects of a woman’s life: Relationships, Finances, Health/Beauty, International Knowledge & Communication for all multicultural women out there!
— Alisa Allen
So excited to meet all the women from different cultures. The diversity is what attracted me. This group promotes unity and being able to share our commonalities and our cultures because we have more in common than our differences. I’m excited about the growth of the group!
— Julia Myles

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